React, Design, and Development: an example of the melting pot of roles

Gone are the days when roles in web development and design were clearly delineated. You had your graphic designers, your (web) designers, and your (web) developers. Graphic designers needed to know their Adobe software. Designers needed to know their html and css. Web developers needed to know their programming languages of choice, i.e. JS, PHP, C#, Objective C, what have you. With the advent of libraries such as React, and the modernization of JavaScript with ES6 and beyond, the delineation of roles is slowly changing. I will discuss these changes via example using React, React workflow, Radium, and a live project to demonstrate how I think the relationship between development and design is changing. (I will be creating slides which I will publish online via reveal.js. And then I will share the link with Open Camps.)
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